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Hector Garcia
Dive into our remote work culture, and the experiences we’ve gathered while implementing it effectively.

Luis Fernando Alvarez
Tus sockets no son seguros y deberías estar preocupado por ellos.

Lori Leitgeb
We are happy to be one of the sponsors for the upcoming Haskell Love virtual conference.
Contributing to open-source software not only allows you to give back to the community, but it also enhances your overall growth as a professional.

Lori Leitgeb
Stack Builders apoya a su personal, clientes y comunidad a medida que avanzamos juntos a lo largo de esta etapa.
Diego Balseiro
Learn how to use your Haskell types in your Reason (OCaml) frontend (almost) for free. You will also get automatic code generation of JSON serialization functions with their respective golden files, and code for your serialization tests.
Javier Casas
At Stack Builders, we have some insights about using types and tests for developing systems.

Luis Fernando Alvarez
A simple explanation for factory-girl’s usage, explaining how the new type definitions work with the library
Rayner Pupo
New to open source and want to get involved? Read our technical post on how to make a contribution to the TypeScript typings for RamdaJS.

Sebastián Estrella
At Stack Builders, we made a minor improvement to the yesod-forms library to make its monadic usage more concise.

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