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Ansible Consulting

Ansible Consulting

No matter how stable your application is, security, scalability and application changes are serious challenges if you’re not following best practices in managing infrastructure. At Stack Builders, our developers have used many different systems for managing infrastructure, including CFEngine, Puppet, NixOS, and Ansible.

Essentially, all of these tools help to manage infrastructure by providing a declarative language for the state of your systems. This declarative language allows you to see and change systems using a higher-level language, and the configuration management system puts your new policy in place.

Configuration management systems help with making changes to systems, and also provide an auditing tool so that you can answer the important questions about who is changing your systems, when the change was made, and why changes were made. You can also use configuration management systems to determine if any manual changes were made outside of the system, which improves security and gives you another significant auditing tool for your organization.

Of the common configuration management systems - CFEngine, Puppet, NixOS and Ansible, we have chosen to provide consulting services in NixOS and Ansible. Ansible is currently the best mainstream option for configuration management, and we feel that NixOS is going to be, or inspire, the best-in-class configuration management system of the next ten years.

Contact us if you’re interested in Ansible consulting for your existing or new application.

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