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iOS/Swift Consulting

iOS/Swift Consulting

How does development work in Swift fit into our commitment to using and promoting progressive programming languages and practices? If you’ve read through our site, you may have noticed that we love languages that are considered esoteric by many, including Haskell.

Swift, the latest language from Apple, is more influenced by features of functional languages than many other mainstream languages. It’s a clear win for us compared to Objective C, which was starting to show its age. At Stack Builders, we’re happy with many of the decisions that Apple has made. If you also believe in the direction in which Apple is moving with Swift, you may want to consider us to help build or maintain your application.

We are especially enthusiastic to help with legacy Objective C projects which may be prime candidates for migration to Swift code while they’re being maintained and extended. Contact us to see if we would be a good match for your project.

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