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PureScript Consulting

PureScript Consulting

PureScript is a purely functional language, with syntax closely resembling that of Haskell’s, and which compiles to JavaScript.

Why would we prefer PureScript over writing code directly in JavaScript, or over using another language that compiles to JavaScript, such as CoffeeScript? JavaScript has some inconsistencies that some users consider “warts” on the language. Languages such as CoffeeScript smooth over some of these rough edges of JavaScript, but they leave the fundamental paradigm intact - JavaScript and CoffeeScript are both dynamically typed.

Dynamically-typed languages don’t provide guarantees about ways that larger programs fit together, and generally aren’t as helpful to programmers in terms of detecting errors. They push error discovery to run-time, which either drives up the cost of application development in terms of the tests that must be created, or which increases the number of errors found by users of the platform.

PureScript solves both problems - of smoothing over the rough edges in JavaScript, and also the lack of useful static types, by providing a type system with similar benefits to those of Haskell.

As a premier consultancy specializing in programming in web applications using Haskell, Stack Builders is a natural fit to extend and maintain your PureScript project. Contact us to see how we can help.

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